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KayTran Campaign

I first found out about KayTran Eyewear last year when I was flipping through the pages of Flare’s May 2012 issue (non-coincidentally the same one I was featured in). Needless to say, after a meeting up with the lovely designer and entrepreneur herself and trying on a few pairs, I was hooked! As a person who’s always had trouble finding sunglasses that didn’t slide off my nose or dig into my cheekbones, Kathy’s line of specifically designed chic shades were heaven sent.

Imagine my excitement when Kathy emailed me in December, asking if I’d do the honour of styling and starring in KayTran’s spring relaunch–of course I couldn’t turn down the opportunity!

The shoot itself was loads of fun, despite the freezing rain that day. Not to mention, It was absolutely lovely to work with such a talented team. Major props to photographer Monique Wiendels and hair/makeup artist Summer O’Grady for working their magic.

You can check out the rest of the campaign and shop KayTran’s line up on their website HERE.

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I figured since I spend so much time in school (or slaving away after school, for that matter) that I’d share some of the work I’ve done recently. This was an assignment I handed in last Friday for my illustration class, where we were required to recreate a fashion image by rendering the various textures through the use of found objects.

The imaged I based my illustration on is from a brilliantly styled editorial entitled Fatale, starring one of my fave girls, Ginta Lapina. It’s from the November 2012 issue of Numèro that one of my friends so thoughtfully gifted me as a Secret Santa present back in December. Wish I could’ve done the rest of outfits in this shoot, too… You can never have enough black leather, fur, sequins, jewels and gold chains, am I right ?!

Check out the rest of the editorial here.

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Gray, Gray, Go Away



I’m only two weeks into second semester and it’s already feeling like an eternity! Perhaps it’s the lighter schedule, which, in an ideal world would allow for a variety of creative side projects (read: photography, blogging, styling) yet in reality, only encourages laziness and procrastination. Or perhaps it’s because I’m just counting down the days until I get to see my boyfriend again! Long distance relationships…LE SIGH.

The Toronto winter isn’t helping me either–school or style-wise. Although significantly warmer than Winnipeg (aka 10000x more fashion friendly), Toronto’s permanently overcast skies, fog-engulfed skyline and slushy sidewalks seemed to have drained the color out of me. Ah well. Here’s to hoping the gray fades away…spring’s just around the corner, right?

Wearing a thrifted knit sweater, long sleeve top and shorts, American Apparel mesh leggings, Calvin Klein boots and rings from eBay

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Totally Necessary | Margiela for H&M

Contrary to popular belief, I do leave the prison that is my dorm room and step away from the homework on ocassion. But only for absolutely necessary things, such as attending class, grabbing food and shopping the Margiela for H&M collection. Yes, shopping this collection was totally necessary.

As an H&M-deprived Winnipegger who missed out on a multitude of H&M guest designer collaborations, I was not about to miss out on Maison Martin Margiela. Who would turn down the chance to own re-editions by the Belgian designer famous for his minimalist, deconstructed designs? Not me. Because let’s face it, this is the is the closest I’ll get to owning MMM–at least until I finish paying off the student loan debt.

While I did not brave the crowds to line up for the launch last week, I did drop by the Eaton Center H&M the following day. I was surprised to see that there was still a good amount of the collection left, but I suppose that Margiela isn’t as recognizable or wearable as the Versace or Lanvin collaborations of the past. But that’s fine with me–I walked out with one of the three remaining tromp l’oeil bodysuits in my size. Major score!

Wearing Margiela for H&M Tromp L’oeil body suit, thrifted deconstructed blazer turned vest, Talulah pants, eBay rings, Vince Camuto shoes.

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You Got Balls, Kid

Once upon a time, before crazy mid-terms, Hurricane Sandy and intense back-to-back projects, I was calm. Well, not entirely, but I was a hell of a lot calmer then than I am now. Fast forward to a month after reading week–the last time I tasted freedom–and I have survived the following:

  • • 10 assignments / projects
  • • 1 monster research paper
  • • 1 equally monstrous Art History essay
  • • 3 midterm exams
  • • Just under 300 hours of homework + studying
  • • 1 nearby hurricane threat
  • • aaaaaand losing a very important sewing project only to find it 24 hours later (nearly died of stress)

Yup. I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m still alive and blogging. At this point, the shock of multiple assignments coming at me at 100 kmph no longer bothers me, I’ve just accepted it. I’ve gone from the wimpy kid who is scared shitless of getting hit in dodgeball (but does anyways, and multiple times) to the gym class hero who faces a wall of flying rubber balls with my own well-placed throws at the enemy. I’ve learned that in a game of dodgeball, what matters is not how many balls get thrown at your face, but how artfully you dodge them and how hard you hit back at the enemy. Oh and of course, never backing down in the face of desperation really pays off. There is that last-man-standing rule…don’t get hit for 30 seconds and you win the whole thing! Score.

Confusing, if not irrelevant, analogy aside, I’m just glad it’s only 35 days until I get a timeout–I mean go home for holiday break. Just know that when I get off that bench, I intend on playing harder and smarter than ever before.

Second semester? Come at me, bro.

Wearing random shirt, Acne cardigan, vintage leather pants, Matiko wedges, F21 and DIY quartz necklace. 
Photos taken by Stephanie Tran

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In Transition

Crisp air, beautiful foliage, sweater weather, and the prime time for pumpkin pie–what’s not to love about fall? Luckily, with Ryerson’s newly implemented fall Reading Week, I get to enjoy all of that stress-free and in abundance…at least for a little while.

Now I’ve finally got the time to chill out, catch up on homework at snail’s pace (as opposed to lighting-fast with minutes to spare) and do what I’ve nearly forgotten how to do–have pure, uninhibited fun. Sad as it is to admit, I’m the most responsible legal-drinking-aged uni student you will ever meet. Just ask me how many times I’ve partied since the end of Orientation Week, and you’d be shocked. I’m sure if I took out my ID right now, it’d be covered in cobwebs.

Oh well, I guess finding the balance is what the university experience is all about. Even if it means being the weirdo who needs to have more fun and less work, as opposed to the other way around. But we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, please enjoy this long overdue outfit post.

Wearing a thrifted blazer, Topshop earrings, F21 choker, American Apparel crop turtleneck, vintage leather shorts, American Apparel mesh leggings, Canada West boots and Cuoieria Fiorentina leather backpack.

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I’m Not Dead: An Instadump

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing off of the face of the internet for over a month like that! A lot of life changing things have happened since my last post, many of which flew by too quickly or was just too good/unreal for me to even comprehend!

Basically, after years of dreaming about it, I finally boxed up my life this past summer, said goodbye to all of my friends, family and bf (sad face) in Winnipeg, and hopped onto a train headed East. It felt surreal through the months leading up to my departure, and even now, I can’t believe it sometimes–but, yup–I really am living and studying in the heart of Toronto! (And I have the work load of a stressed-out Fashion Communications student to prove it.)

It’s such a cliche, but since moving into residence, it’s been one amazing life experience after the other. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about moving away for school and living in dorms that seems so damn magical…like you’re a part of the culture they always portray in movies and TV, but it is actually so much better in real life! I could probably write you pages about my first week as a Ryerson Ram, but since pictures are worth a thousand words, please accept this instadump in place of a 100,000 word novel.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an Art History textbook over here the size of an average house cat, and it’s not going to go read itself…

Via Rail is beyond awesome. Just look at the breakfast they serve! Food for gods, I tell you.

Boats and hoes! My friend Alec and I party it up on the yacht cruise during O-week.

I used to hate pep rallies and basketball games, but it’s different when you’re a frosh in uni. TRUST.

Oh yeah. I also went to Toronto’s very first Fashion’s Night Out! And I may or may not have had an emotional breakdown during my first visit to Holt’s. Oops.

My current life in two pictures.

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