Oct 7 2012

In Transition

Crisp air, beautiful foliage, sweater weather, and the prime time for pumpkin pie–what’s not to love about fall? Luckily, with Ryerson’s newly implemented fall Reading Week, I get to enjoy all of that stress-free and in abundance…at least for a little while.

Now I’ve finally got the time to chill out, catch up on homework at snail’s pace (as opposed to lighting-fast with minutes to spare) and do what I’ve nearly forgotten how to do–have pure, uninhibited fun. Sad as it is to admit, I’m the most responsible legal-drinking-aged uni student you will ever meet. Just ask me how many times I’ve partied since the end of Orientation Week, and you’d be shocked. I’m sure if I took out my ID right now, it’d be covered in cobwebs.

Oh well, I guess finding the balance is what the university experience is all about. Even if it means being the weirdo who needs to have more fun and less work, as opposed to the other way around. But we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, please enjoy this long overdue outfit post.

Wearing a thrifted blazer, Topshop earrings, F21 choker, American Apparel crop turtleneck, vintage leather shorts, American Apparel mesh leggings, Canada West boots and Cuoieria Fiorentina leather backpack.

  • AnneMarie

    glad to see you back in the blogging world! love your blog :)


  • lotsixtyfive

    Great to hear things at Ryerson are going well even if they are pretty busy! Enjoy reading week!

  • Mademoiselle Michelle

    so simple yet perfect!

  • http://boompah.com/ Ryan Bollenbach

    Good to see another post from you, T Dot style ;). Find any good thrift shops in TO.?

  • Ania

    I haven’t vivisted your blog for a while, your hair are so long ! hah :)
    I love your style, especially those sporty outfits, and the photos are amazing !


  • http://www.facebook.com/anniemarkantonatou Annie Markantonatou

    love the leather shorts!


  • Nona Limmen

    Love the outfit!


  • Sofia

    I follow you since a very long time, and still love your blog !
    Bisou de Paris !