Nov 13 2012

You Got Balls, Kid

Once upon a time, before crazy mid-terms, Hurricane Sandy and intense back-to-back projects, I was calm. Well, not entirely, but I was a hell of a lot calmer then than I am now. Fast forward to a month after reading week–the last time I tasted freedom–and I have survived the following:

  • • 10 assignments / projects
  • • 1 monster research paper
  • • 1 equally monstrous Art History essay
  • • 3 midterm exams
  • • Just under 300 hours of homework + studying
  • • 1 nearby hurricane threat
  • • aaaaaand losing a very important sewing project only to find it 24 hours later (nearly died of stress)

Yup. I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m still alive and blogging. At this point, the shock of multiple assignments coming at me at 100 kmph no longer bothers me, I’ve just accepted it. I’ve gone from the wimpy kid who is scared shitless of getting hit in dodgeball (but does anyways, and multiple times) to the gym class hero who faces a wall of flying rubber balls with my own well-placed throws at the enemy. I’ve learned that in a game of dodgeball, what matters is not how many balls get thrown at your face, but how artfully you dodge them and how hard you hit back at the enemy. Oh and of course, never backing down in the face of desperation really pays off. There is that last-man-standing rule…don’t get hit for 30 seconds and you win the whole thing! Score.

Confusing, if not irrelevant, analogy aside, I’m just glad it’s only 35 days until I get a timeout–I mean go home for holiday break. Just know that when I get off that bench, I intend on playing harder and smarter than ever before.

Second semester? Come at me, bro.

Wearing random shirt, Acne cardigan, vintage leather pants, Matiko wedges, F21 and DIY quartz necklace. 
Photos taken by Stephanie Tran

  • tosia

    gorgeus us usually!!!


  • Melai

    I’m so happy you’re still blogging. I love your style and the edge that you have. :) I may not comment always but I’ve been reading you since I started blogging. Stay awesome!


    Melai of Style and Soul

  • Lisa
  • Inez An

    I know what you are talking about!
    I’m doing a manama in journalism (something like follow up master) after 4 years of Art Sciences, one should think I’d know better by now than to start studying again x)

    Good luck to you!

  • Yura

    Sounds like you had a pretty rough semester. But I’m glad you’re still blogging :) I’ve been following your blog for several years now (and I know it seem weird that I’m suddenly leaving a comment), but your photos and style have always been such an inspiration! you’re one of my favorite bloggers! I hope you keep it up :)

  • MakiMaki

    Love this look.