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Coming up Roses

With my first year of university slowly coming to an end, it’s safe to say that this year has really flown by. Although I’m currently neck-deep in multiple projects and one pesky Art History mid-term for the upcoming month, everything’s coming up roses. After all, why let stress get to you when you can put all that energy you’d otherwise put into worrying, into the tasks at hand? There’s literally nothing left for me to do but to work hard, because before I know it, two months will have sped by and it’ll be summer break!

As for these photos, my lovely friend Brianna and I decided to take advantage of the nicer weather, take a walk around the neighbourhood and have a little fun. We didn’t have a lot of time, but I think Brianna captured the mood du jour quite well–a sunny disposition despite all seriousness.

Photographed by Brianna Toswill

Wearing a thrifted shirt, Costa Blanca leather jacket (old), vintage belt and bag, pleather skirt from Hush boutique in Winnipeg, American Apparel sheer leggings, Vince Camuto boots, and Forever21 necklaces.

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