Nov 8 2013

Luxe Layering

fall fashion, vintage fur stole, leather pants, neutrals, toronto fashion blogger
cheap thrills, vintage fur stole, leather pants, grey wool coat, fall fashion
zara lace up shoes, leather pant zipper detail, fall shoes
cheap thrills, fall makeup, deep burgundy lips, copper smokey eye

There isn’t a single fall outfit I can think of that wouldn’t benefit from a huge, fluffy fur stole like this bad boy here. It’s magical ability to instantly glamify anything it is draped upon–be it a chair, a wool coat, or your bare shoulders in a cocktail dress–is an impressive feat, never mind that it’s also completely practical in this increasingly chilly weather. Well, practicality is subjective…but you can’t deny that being warm has never looked–or felt–more luxe.

Glam as it, there are still ways to style a fur stole for everyday scenarios. Cue BFFs leather and wool. This no-nonsense mid-length coat that I thrifted last-last summer is a classic piece that I totally lucked out on, while the leather pants are a vintage treasure (last worn here) that my roommate, Brianna, and I recently revamped with simple tailoring and ankle zippers. Together, they create the perfect outfit back drop for a standout stole–a put-together look searching for a little bit of fun.

Photographed by Brianna Tosswill

Wearing a vintage fur stole, Babaton tank, altered vintage leather pants, Zara shoes, vintage clutch, and gifted jewelry.

Oct 27 2013

Angelic Corruption


Model: Katerina Koza
MUA: Dana Atkins
Hair: Jherome Tagaca
Styling, Direction and Photography: Raezavel Argulla

I thought I’d share one of the photo shoots I did over the summer because it’s been a while since I’ve showcased my personal photography on Cheap Thrills. The creative direction for this shoot came about when my friend and model, Kat, contacted me about getting together for a shoot since I was in the city. Given her contrasting features of pale skin and raven hair in combination with her mysterious gaze, it’s no surprise why Kat’s body of work is inclined towards dark, ominously themed shoots. I wanted to challenge that by casting her in a role where she had to balance her darkness with innocence–hence this fallen-angel-themed shoot, Angelic Corruption.

Oct 12 2013

Autumn Stroll

black and grey outfit, flowy outfit, long dress, navy leather bag, short boots
black and grey outfit, flowy outfit, long dress, navy leather bag, short boots
Franco Sarto, chealsea boots, black leather booties, fall shoes
leather jacket, fall leaves, dark red lipstick, fall portrait

Fall is just the best, although I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said with all the artistically filtered photographs of fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and teenage girls in Uggs (#UggSeason <<3) floating around on instagram. So I shall keep this ode to autumn brief, as I’m sure you’d rather be outside enjoying the crunching of leaves underfoot of your new fall boots and throwing clumps of pretty leaves in the air as you twirl around like a make-believe Disney Princess. Or maybe that’s just me?

My friend Brianna and I took these yesterday morning when the weather was just absolutely gorgeous. With the sun filtering through the trees, everything was thrown into a golden orange light. It didn’t take us long to find a beautiful backdrop in a quiet part of the neighbourhood–this quaint brick townhouse with its cast iron fence was too charming to pass by without a few snaps. Fun fact: in the middle of our shoot, a passerby commented that Suits was actually filming at our exact location just a couple weeks prior!

I definitely had a laugh shooting my new favourite outfit (I am a guilty repeat-outfit offender), as the slit in this maxi dress, while beautiful in motion, was so tricky to photograph! I guess it’s just one of those garments that needs to be seen in action–gliding through leaves as the autumn breeze artfully makes the hemline dance in favour of showing off the perfect western-meets chealsea booties.

Photographed by Brianna Tosswill

Wearing: a thrifted dress, Wilfred top, Costa Blanca leather jacket, Franco Sarto booties, vintage leather bag, and vintage and gifted jewelry.

shop thrift, pop-up shop, toronto, clint roenisch gallery, queen st. west, the art of reuse, thrift collective, vintage clothing
perforated white high top sneakers, thrifted, the art of reuse, pop up shop, shop thrif, toronto

It was a dull Sunday evening when my friend Syd invited me to join her at a pop-up event called Shop Thrift, held at the Clint Roenisch Gallery on Queen St. West. As a person usually inclined towards staying at home in pyjamas, watching unproductive YouTube videos and casually glancing at my homework, I was hesitant–I was, after all, already comfy doing the aforementioned–but Syd won me over with her description of a curated collection of cool vintage pieces in a gallery setting. Never one to turn down thrift or vintage, especially those handpicked by a team of  tastemakers, I jumped at the chance to see it for myself.

By the time we arrived, there was a line up outside the gallery. They were only letting people inside a few at a time, renewing the stock periodically to keep it fresh. With all items under $50 and a three item limit per customer, there was certainly an air of excitement and haste amongst the well-dressed crowd. Everyone appreciated the uniqueness and quality of each piece and scrambled to grab items in their sizes. Despite of trying on some gorgeous items, I went home empty handed, save for a brief chat with one of the collective’s five founders, Courtney Eastman.

From our little chat, I found out that this pop-up shop event was not their first, and that aside from apparel, they also sold various housewares (think figurines, vases and stand out pieces). The Art of Reuse adds to their stock by scouring local thrift stores nation wide, and sell their finds on their website year-round. In spite of the growing success of their online shop and strong media presence, the Canadian collective plans to take on a bigger venture–opening up a brick-and-mortar store in Japan. Mr. Eastman hopes to bring in a taste of laid-back Canadiana thrift culture to juxtapose the vibrant hyper-fashion scene of the Japanese market.

Trust me when I say it won’t be long until The Art of Reuse becomes a household name and movement. Just take a look at their website and Facebook page and say I didn’t tell you so!

pop up shop event, the art of reuse, shop thrift, toronto, queen street west
curated thrifted clothing rack, shop thrift, the art of reuse, toronto, pop-up shop, toronto
shopper browsing, pop up shop event, the art of reuse, shop thrift, toronto
[Photo cred] first photo: from The Art of Reuse’s Tumblr // rest are taken by me

Sep 9 2013

Real Talk

iron maiden t-shirt, wool plaid skirt, zara lace up heels, big black tote bag, gold nixon kensington watch, Toronto fashion blogger
Toronto fashion blogger, wool plaid skirt, zara lace up heels, big black tote bag, gold nixon watch, kensington gold watch
Toronto fashion blogger, bold eyebrows, thick gold chain, iron maiden t-shirt, wool plaid skirt, zara lace up heels, big black tote bag, gold nixon watch, kensington gold watch
Photographed by Brianna Tosswill

Ah, September. It’s not quite as good as October–because let’s face it, nothing beats (Canadian) Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, and autumn leaves–yet, somehow, amidst the back-to-uni madness, it’s still pretty magical. I realize the dawning of another school year is enough to make most of my peers weep (especially those in fashion design who reportedly have 9073762 x more workload than us fashion communication students), but for me, it’s a much needed breath of fresh air!

Due to a busy summer spent working 30+ hours a week and going off on fun adventures in my spare time, the creative projects I had in mind were momentarily shelved. While I admit that conceptualizing themes and pinning mood boards for future photo shoots never fails to set my heart a flutter, I must add that, then again–so does the sight of my handsome and sharply dressed bf ready to take me out for dinner. Need I say more?

Regardless, I did end up photographing two shoots this summer during my last week in Winnipeg, with one taking place in a tall-grassed suburbia  and another atop a parkade. More on those later. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my Instagram feed for some BTS shots and glimpses into my student life galore.

Now back to drawing those elongated croquis due on Wednesday…

Wearing a thrifted Iron Maiden tee, gifted necklace, vintage belt, Club Monaco wool skirt, Zara heels, Aldo bag and Nixon watch.