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Peaches and Scream


This past month has been absolute madness–major papers due on the same day, countless of hours of lost sleep, pounds of chocolate consumed, and many a moment of just rocking back and forth in the fetal position. Fashion school is not nearly as glamourous as it’s hyped up to be, I assure you. Thankfully, I’ve just about broken free from the eye of the storm, and with the new month starting off on the right foot, I am well on the way of smooth sailing towards the end of my first year at Ryerson! Ahhhh, so many feels!

School stress aside, here’s a quickie post of an outfit I wore over the Easter long weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, and I thought I’d do a nod towards the spring holiday with a bit of pastel peach and a pop of electric blue. Unfortunately the clouds have rolled in again and it’s back to covered up legs for me, but the brief freedom was fun while it lasted. Ah well, summer is upon us, and even sooner is the promise of heading back to good ol’ Winnipeg!

Wearing a thrifted tank top, thrifted white vest, vintage blazer, vintage leather skirt, Forever21 necklace, Casio watch and Nine West sandals.

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