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I figured since I spend so much time in school (or slaving away after school, for that matter) that I’d share some of the work I’ve done recently. This was an assignment I handed in last Friday for my illustration … Continue reading

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Imitation is Flattery | My V Magazine Cover

Known for their envelope-pushing issues packed with captivating editorials and an unpredictable mix of people, places, music and art, V Magazine has quickly become one of my favourite reads. It only made sense then, that this esteemed publication was my first … Continue reading

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Lighting this beautiful, just begs to be photographed. This morning, I was awakened by a soft glow peeking through the gaps in between my curtains. Curious, I flung my heavy drapes wide open and was pleasantly surprised. Breathtakingly raw, the … Continue reading

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Um, how much swag does my dad have?! He’s the perfect postcard cover boy. Needless to say, I’ve finally found some free time in between roommate hunting, school and work to sit down and sort through my vacation pics, so here … Continue reading

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Fall Beauty

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you’d know just how much I like to play with make up. Makeup on myself, makeup on other people–really anything that involves mixing colours and creating new looks. This time … Continue reading

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Less is More

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No Talking Just Dancing

Life has been strange lately. Lots of little oddities happening around me and I just don’t know what to do with them sometimes. So what can I do besides keep on keeping on? You know, hanging out with friends and … Continue reading

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