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Tangerine Dream

As usual, when reality enters a dream-like state that far rivals that of the enticing virtual expanse that is the internet, I slowly retract from myself from my laptop and various social media outlets, and instead invest that time into more social human interactions and outdoor activities (ie. actually leaving the house) than I am accustomed to. Welcome to my summer life post-first-year-uni.

I’ve been back in Winnipeg for about two and a half weeks now, but it seems like much longer. Nothing beats homemade eats, being back in your own house and seeing some of your favourite people every day to make it seem like you never really left. Because really, even with my head in Toronto, my roots will always remain here in good ol’ Winnipeg (cue barfing noises).

Right now I’m looking forward to endless summer days of clear blue skies and canola fields, strawberry picking, cute dates and cuddling, more home cooking, mojito sipping and the getting into most fun/trouble I can get into without being arrested (sorry mom).

Stay tuned. I’m working on blogging more often now that there are more hours of adequate lighting, but I’m not making any solid promises just yet. In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram for visual updates.

Photographed by Jarryd

Wearing a Banana Republic coat, Forever21 tee, random jeans, vintage belt, converse shoes and KayTran sunglasses.

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